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Matt Higby says PlanetSide 2 beta is 'not just a game demo'

Jef Reahard

PlanetSide 2 faithful, your long wait is almost over. Well, for some of you anyway. Creative director Matt Higby took to the PlanetSide Universe forums recently to elaborate on the game's forthcoming beta schedule. He said that testing will begin this week (between July 9th and July 15th, to be specific).

He also reiterated Sony Online Entertainment's invite priority system. The firm is staggering its closed beta invite phases. First up are a few PlanetSide veterans and those with priority keys from devs, E3 giveaways, and PC Gamer. Higby also encouraged vets to be sure and update the email addresses associated with their station accounts, as that's how they'll know exactly when they can log in and test.

Test is the operative word, too, as this is definitely not a marketing beta. "We are doing true beta testing, not just a game demo, and we implore those of you who are invited to understand and respect that," Higby said. "Things will break, the server will be unavailable sometimes, and we will cancel scheduled tests when we find something that breaks before the test starts. All of this will help us make a better final game."

[Thanks to Scott for the tip!]

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