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WRUP: Special secret WoW cheat codes and trikks(TM) to the x-treme


Every week, just at the start of the weekend, we catch up with the WoW Insider staff and ask them, "What are you playing this week?" -- otherwise known as: WRUP. Join us to see what we're up to in and out of game, and catch us in the comments to let us know what you're playing, too!

Welcome to WoW Insider, your source for all sorts of Tips N Trikks(TM) for the World of Warcraft game for your PC or Mac entertainment console. Are you ready for the coolest tricks? And the hottest cheat codes?! We won't tell Mom you're cheating if you don't!


But hey, enough delay. Let's get to those Tips N Trikks(TM)!

(Tips N Trikks ... to the x-treme!)

In the mystical world of ... Azeroad ... you're tasked with beating all the bad guys and saving the princess. But do you know the best way to kill those bad guys?
  • Use spells to attack. Spells cause damage! (Awesome!)
  • Use physical abilities to attack. Use that sword, bro! (Whooooooooaaaaaaahhhhhh!)
  • And when you need to pause the game, just press the power button! (Coooool Trikks ~)
What's your favorite Tip and/or Trikk? Let us know by writing us at "WoW Insider Tips N Trikks," P.O. Box 20283-B, Alameda, CA 94502. Or you can just leave a comment after the break telling us what you're playing this weekend. And you can read what all these other WoW Insider folks are playing, too! (Maxi-tota-rad!)

Adam Holisky (@adamholisky) I'll be playing the Steam Summer Sale game, where I sit and try to spend ALL THE MONIES on a boat load of games, but I can't because Valve's servers are being pounded. Otherwise I'll be playing MtG on my iPad, because that's crazy fun.

Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) This is the first year I've had Steam and been privy to the magic and wonder of the Steam Summer Sale. Uhhhh, that said, I'll probably be delving into Portal and Portal 2 this weekend along with the usual round of writing and raiding. And maybe Mass Effect 2. I'm still pondering that one. Hmm ... Also, maybe Arkham City if it pops up low enough before the weekend's out because BATMAN.

Chase Hasbrouck (@alarondruid, @alaronmonk) Steam sale is tempting, but I already have a stack of games that I haven't played/beaten, so I'm being extremely choosy this time around. No dramatic plans for the weekend if no new beta build drops; still playing Xenoblade Chronicles when I find time.

Daniel Whitcomb (@danielwhitcomb) I have a busy week ahead of me IRL, but I'm keeping one eye on the Steam sale, and I'll be running a couple of Reaper Gold matches on ME3 Multiplayer for Operation Broadside. As for as puns go, not to be cheesy, but I've never been that into puns. They just don't do much for it. That's probably why I'm not gouda them ...

Fox Van Allen (@foxvanallen) On Saturday, me and Mat McCurley are driving down to Irvine to hang with our buddy Mike Sacco! Also, Michele Morrow might be there, and oh man, we're gonna have a heck of a time. And by "heck of a time," I mean politely enjoy a luncheon meal. Wait, did I say, lunch time? More like loser time, am I right? Hahaha because Sacco is a loser hahahaha what a loser oh my god hahahah.

Lisa Poisso (@LisaPoisso) I'll be on the road and at a hotel that has its own water park, so nary a peep nor a game from me this weekend. See you all on the other side!

Matt Rossi (@matthewwrossi) Working on space opera story, trying to keep to a sustained 1,400 words a week on some fiction. Also endless transmoggery. When is it otherwise? I'm personally not big into wordplay; I find it kind of punishing.

Matt Low (@matticus) It's going to be a quiet weekend in the Low stronghold. Heroic Spine down gives everyone a chance to rest and relax before we make the final push to Madness on Monday. I'm expecting lots of League of Legends during that time. Maybe a bit of Dance Central 2 as well.

Matt Walsh (@rhidach) Traveling this weekend, so I'll be sticking to mobile games. Specifically Ocarina of Time for the 3DS and Legend of Zelda from the 3DS's Virtual Console shop.

Megan O'Neill (@slowpoker) I've been having a Hell of a time on my witch doctor; maybe I'll get her to 60 finally. In between dying to Vortex Waller Illusionist Arcane Enchanted elites, I'll MoP up my mess of warlock notes for patch 5.0.1 and for level 90. I started to say "I can asura you that I'll be playing Guild Wars 2 in the beta this weekend," but then I realized that the beta is next weekend. :( I guess I'll instead be yelling at Thackeray some more while I finish the book Edge of Destiny first.

Robin Torres (@cosmicgeek) I'm going to Stitch and Pitch! Pretty cool, huh? I'm hip like that. The Spawn and The Spousal Unit are going to the circus on Saturday, so I will be sitting quietly enjoying solitude during that time. Parents with kids home from school may be able to relate. Otherwise, board games with Cast Girl.

The weekend is the perfect time to kick back, relax and enjoy some game time. Are you an achievement junkie? Can't get enough raiding? Rolling a new alt? Considering taking the leap into roleplaying? Whatever your favorite way to play World of Warcraft, let us know in the comments what you're playing this weekend!

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