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Steam Summer Sale, Day 3: Skyrim, Dead Island, Borderlands and more

Jordan Mallory

For those of us with poor self-control and a PC, the Steam Summer Sale is as fiscally dangerous as it is deeply satisfying. So far, the Joystiq Qrew has spent about four hundred thousand collective dollars on Genesis ports alone, so when if we suddenly go offline, that means we spent the last of the server budget on Ecco the Dolphin.

Anyway, today's deals include Skyrim for $29.79, Dead Island (one copy for $10.19 or four copies for $30.58), Borderlands for five damn dollars (or $14.98 for a four-pack), as well as a third Indie Bundle and even more. There will also be flash sales throughout the day, so be sure and obsessively refresh Steam every 48 seconds or so until the Summer Sale ends on July 22.

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