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Crunchyroll app coming to PS3 (plus bonus streaming anime news)

Jordan Mallory

Crunchyroll, online purveyors of on-demand anime and Korean dramas, will extend the subscription-based side of its service to the PlayStation 3 at some unknown point in the future. For $6.95 a month, users will be able to stream Crunchyroll's selection of anime or Korean dramas to their televisions by way of PS3 -- getting both requires a package subscription at $11.95 a month. Subscribing also grants access to HD content on Crunchyroll's website, as well as early access to new episodes and an iOS/Android app.

In related news, VIZ Media's Neon Alley anime channel (announced for unspecific consoles late last month) will be coming to the PS3 when the channel launches this fall. As you'll recall, Neon Alley functions like a premium television channel, airing shows according to a set schedule and requiring a $6.99 subscription.

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