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Barcelona Apple Store construction sign has unique Gaudi-esque logo (Updated)


While Apple's retail outlets housed in malls or shopping centers haven't needed much exterior tweaking, the freestanding stores generally get a more sophisticated architectural treatment to make sure they fit in with the other buildings nearby. This is particularly true of the stores in European cities, where the outlets are often housed in historical buildings. AppleInsider points out a construction sign at the new Apple Store that's arriving soon in Barcelona, Spain that's taking design cues from Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, with a multi-colored stained glass trencadís mosaic Apple logo catching the eyes of passersby.

The new store is located on Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona, near Casa Batlló and Casa Milà, two famous buildings by the architect best known for the Sagrada Familia Basilica. Gaudi was well known for using stained glass trencadís mosaic in his structures, and a sign at the construction site for the new store says that it will be "custom made to fit Barcelona." It's not clear if the stained-glass mosaic logo is part of the final store design, but at least while the construction sign remains, Gaudi's legacy continues in the shape of an Apple logo.

The store is the second in Barcelona, and Apple has signed a 10-year lease for the building for US$5.1 million annually.

Update: has a nice gallery of the new logo and mosaics, including several close-ups.

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