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Galaxy S III Developer Edition for Verizon appears on Samsung's website


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Fans of unlocked bootloaders rejoice! It looks like the landing page for the Galaxy S III Developer Edition for Verizon is now live on Samsung's website. As you'll recall, Verizon is the only US carrier to sell the handset with a locked bootloader -- something that's not sitting well with us, developers, custom ROM aficionados and other tech enthusiasts (you know who you are). Thankfully, Samsung recently announced it would offer a special version of the handset with an unlocked bootloader on its website for $599. While there's still no info on availability, you'll at least be able to purchase the 32GB model in blue at some point soon. No word on the 16GB or white options, or whether the $599 pricetag applies to this blue 32GB version. We'll keep you posted when we find out more -- in the meantime, follow the source link below for the details.

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