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HTC HD2 gets unofficial Android 4.1 Jelly Bean port, becomes the Phone That Would Not Die


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There's a golden rule for the HTC HD2: if there's a new mobile OS, the HD2 must get a port. It's practically a law of nature, then, that Evervolv at the XDA-Developers forums has produced a pre-alpha port of Android 4.1 for the originally Windows Mobile-based legend. More components are working than not despite the extremely early state, with the camera, Google Now and web browser being the remaining bugaboos. We're still warned that the experimental firmware isn't meant for day-to-day use, but there's every intention of making the release stable -- good news for anyone who's eager to avoid a flash-in-the-pan ROM. If that happens, the HD2 will have had nearly as many lives as a cat.

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