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MechWarrior Online Q&A talks BattleTech stats, weapons, and more

Jef Reahard

Do you have a few burning questions for MechWarrior Online's devs? Well, it's too late because they've already answered them! OK, it's probably not too late, as we're sure the guys at Piranha will field some community questions before MWO's August 7th street date. That said, there is a new Q&A session on the game's official site that's worth a quick read right now.

There are 10 separate questions and answers, many of which offer interesting nuggets about what long-time BattleTech fans can expect from the free-to-play sci-fi title. "We use the table-top [game] as our base stats, and then test from there. Most things are still pretty close, though," Piranha says.

There's more, including blurbs about the minimap, ammo switching, and game types. Check it out via the link below.

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