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Controller board for 3D printers emphasizes expandability, gives nod to Sun God

Alexis Santos

Is your 3D printer's standard feature set lacking? Maybe Elefu's Kickstarter-funded custom controller board can help. Dubbed Ra (think ancient Egyptian god), the project places a focus on expandability and carries a roster of I/O options including camera triggers and fans. The ATMega2560-based system allows for computer-free printing by leveraging an LCD screen, SD card reader and a knob. For inattentive designers, a standalone and programmable MP3 player and a light controller can be used to create alerts when printing completes, and adds extra flair as well. The unit also supports up to three extruders and plug-and-play support for ATX power supplies. Having doubled its $4,000 funding goal nearly three weeks ahead of the campaign's end, boards are expected to show up on doorsteps this November and can be snagged for as little as $149. Head to the source for the full feature list and reward tiers.

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