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Shifting Perspectives: Mists of Pandaria shopping list for guardian druids

Allison Robert

Every week when our writers actually have internet access, WoW Insider brings you Shifting Perspectives for cat, bear, restoration and balance druids. This Tuesday, jewelcrafters are the 1%.

I do not advise losing power during a record heat wave. Not only will you not have air conditioning, but you will also not have WoW to distract you from the fact that every cell in your body is shouting, "F%$& this!" and trying to effect a traitorous escape through your sweat glands.

Anyway, before all that unpleasantness went down, I started assembling a list of enchants and various profession goodies on the beta in order to get my guardian/restoration druid prepared for heroics and raids. This isn't as narrow a list as I would like for the simple reason that not everything appears to be in the game yet or theorycrafted, but -- well, let's think of it as a good start. I'll be winnowing this further as Blizzard wraps up class balancing on the beta and we get a more concrete sense of what to expect for stat priorities.

This week we'll do guardians, and next up will be restoration.

Revisiting the 101 guide

I'll be rewriting our 101 guide to the spec after the Mists of Pandaria content patch hits or when the expansion itself does. I guess it'll depend on which build seems to be the more stable. Blizzard often experiments with specs during raid testing and in the brief period before an expansion. Of course, during the Cataclysm beta, we also had the Giant Bear Nerf of 2010, so I'm a little antsy about making too many predictions in case Blizzard decides to stomp us flatter than a Kansas pizza.

Sadly, I think such a nerf is pretty likely. Mangle does crazy-high damage, and if other tanks' accounts on the forums are anything to go on, their "active mitigation" abilities don't seem quite as useful as Savage Defense and Frenzied Regeneration. I could be an optimist and speculate that this will result in Blizzard's leaving SD and FR alone while buffing the other tanks. However, people who lose power during heat waves are not optimists. They are murderous, ragey bitch monsters consumed with the idea of sweaty retribution and ice cream.

Tentative enchant and item modification list

Early enchants will be expensive enchants because people won't be sitting on a lot of Sha Crystals for at least a month or two. The situation will be somewhat alleviated by enchanters' ability to combine three Ethereal Shards into a crystal, but I would still plan on spending a lot of gold if you have to equip a bear tank for early raiding.

A quick note: I've had choppy access to the internet of late, and if I've missed any conclusive recent news on stat weights, I apologize. I've assembled this list assuming that Blizzard has yet to do a final pass-through on the guardian and that stat priorities may change (and change significantly, at that).

New alchemy flasks and potionsNew jewelcrafting gems

This will probably land us squarely back in second mortgage territory again.New cooking recipes

The Pandaren Banquet and Great Pandaren Banquet are the MoP equivalents to the Seafood Magnifique. For stamina and agility, I don't think all of the pandaren recipes are on Wowhead yet, but the Chun Tian Spring Rolls will boost stamina and Sea Mist Rice Noodles will boost agility. These seem to be the terminal recipes in their respective specializations.

Shifting Perspectives: Bear and Resto Edition takes a peek at healer balance in Dragon Soul, discovers why bears and PvP gear are a pretty good mix, lends advice on gearing up to hit the Raid Finder, and helps you level a druid in the Cataclysm era.

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