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The Daily Grind: Does redefining the term MMORPG help or hurt the genre?

Jef Reahard

Yesterday's Daily Grind spawned some interesting comments, not the least of which was a theory that expanding the definition of the term MMORPG is good for the genre.

I disagreed, as I feel that lobby-based shooters and preset character-driven games like Vindictus and Marvel Heroes dilute the original meaning of the term MMORPG and make it less likely for feature-rich MMOs to see the light of day. That's not to say that I dislike the Vindictuses (Vindictii?) of the world on their own terms, but I do wish they would keep their grubby paws off my acronyms and initialisms.

What about you, morning crew? Are you OK with any sort of game appropriating the MMORPG label and attempting to expand (or in some cases, contract) it, or do you think this hurts the genre?

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