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MechWarrior Online reveals Centurion mech

Been looking for the perfect mech in MechWarrior Online? Not been able to find it? Today's reveal of the Centurion mech and its variants may be the answer to your troubles.

This new mech has good speed and medium armor without sacrificing the deadliness of its walking arsenal. That balance makes it an excellent mech for getting the feel of the game and an idea for how you'd best like to play. Three variants of the mech allow for a little more customization of playstyle.

The CN9-A and CN9-AH variants are toting 8.5 tons of armor. The CN9-A has weapons for any range, while the CN9-AH exchanges close-quarters weapons for greater ranged hostility. The CN9-AL has an impressive 11 tons of armor strapped on and bears lasers where the other variants have cannon.

Check out the official post for all the details, or skip below the jump to see the introduction video for yourself. Apparently the MWO team is in a revealing sort of mood because a Spider mech design was also posted today.

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