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Buffalo outs HDW-P550U3 external drive with USB 3.0 and WiFi in Japan


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Buffalo's HDD repertoire is already pretty well stacked, but there's nothing wrong with the company giving you extensive storage options. The newest one to join the external drive pile is the HDW-P550U3, boasting a decent 500GB capacity, the latest-gen of USB tech (or 3.0, if you prefer), WiFi (B,G,N) for some cordless doc-transferring action and a hefty 2,860mAh battery that promises to give you around five hours of usage. Sadly, unlike its HD-PATU3 cousin, there's no Thunderbolt incision in this guy, but this is likely to still keep folks interested in the former. That's not to take anything away from the HDW-P550U3, though, which is expected to be available in Japan next month with a 23,205 yen price tag, or about $295 in US cash.

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