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OUYA console's first exclusive game is 'Human Element' prequel from former Call of Duty maker


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After all the excitement from the Yves Behar-designed OUYA console's massive Kickstarter campaign fades away, like every other console it will be judged on the quality of its games we finally have the name of one. Robotoki president Robert Bowling -- best known as @fourzerotwo on Twitter and formerly as a producer from Infinity Ward for the Call of Duty series -- has announced plans to bring an "episodic prequel" to the company's first game Human Element exclusively to OUYA. While not much is known about Human Element yet other than that it's a survival game set in a zombie apocalypse scheduled for release in 2015, although Bowling is promising OUYA backers will get exclusive access to updates during development. He can also be counted among that group, cheerfully noting in a video along with the announcement that he's contributed $10,000 to the cause. That's one project on the list -- any bets on which developer will be next to hitch their game to the bandwagon?

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