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Torchlight 2 devs still planning summer launch


Runic Games' Torchlight 2 is still planned for launch at some point this summer, Runic president Travis Baldree tells us. "The end of summer is September 25th or something like that, right?" he asked. "We're still trying to get it done for summer. It's a big game and we've still got some polish to go."

A recent blog post from Baldree on his company's site was meant to allay the concerns of fans who pre-ordered the game many months ago – fans who have yet to get a solid release date from Runic. "People asked us to make pre-orders available. So, people were just interested in what was going on. There was some concern in the forums that we had gone off and were just twiddling our thumbs," he said. "We have a point in development where we'll say, 'Okay, we're ready to announce a date,' but we're just not there yet."

As of today, that gives Runic approximately two months to announce a release date and, uh, actually release its game. Fingers crossed!

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