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A look at Guild Wars 2's Sylvari cinematic

Eliot Lefebvre

How do you introduce the Sylvari in Guild Wars 2? It might seem like a simple question, but this is a race that's completely new to Tyria. Every element of introduction is up to the opening cinematic. All of the other four races can call back to Guild Wars, but the Sylvari are a blank slate. As Ree Soesbee explains in her rundown of the process for the trailer, this made the Sylvari opening especially challenging for the designers.

At the same time, being able to introduce the race with no preconceptions freed up the creative team to make the fundamental elements of the race comprehensible right from the start. That means covering the Dream of Dreams that all Sylvari share as well as the nature of a race whose members are born as fully developed adults. How well did it work? Jump on past the cut and decide for yourself.

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