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'Avatar Famestar' introduces persistent, cross-game rewards to XBLA


When Iron Galaxy's Wreckateer is launched next week – the second game in Microsoft's Summer of Arcade annual promotion – it'll include a brand new feature that will show up in several upcoming XBLA games: Avatar Famestars. We first heard the name back in February when a trademark popped up for the phrase, but what exactly is it?

"Avatar Famestars is a new program from Microsoft Studios and is part of a select group of games that delivers new and exciting ways to play online with your friends and compete for social recognition," says Microsoft. Okay, what does that mean? A variety of in-game challenges (think: "get a perfect score five times on this game mode") are included in Avatar Famestar-supported games, and you'll earn rewards based on earning Famestar points (think: Avatar stuff).

Those rewards will cross from game to game, as will your point total. It's kind of like Ubisoft's UPlay program, but less ubiquitous – for now, Avatar Famestars is locked to your Xbox 360, though we wouldn't be shocked to hear about it heading to Surface, Windows 8, and Windows Phones in due time.

Beyond Wreckateer, Microsoft's adding Avatar Famestar support to already released games Full House Poker, and A World of Keflings, and several upcoming games: Fire Pro Wrestling, Homerun Stars, and Avatar Motocross Madness. Unfortunately, it's not clear when any of the already available games will get the update, but we expect upcoming games will simply debut with the functionality. Wreckateer launches next Wednesday on Xbox Live Arcade, and it'll be the first game on Xbox with Avatar Famestar support. Keep an eye out for our review early next week.

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