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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is a kleptomaniac


I have a severe problem with stealing everything I can in video games. As part of my natural drive to satiate my escapist needs (as theft isn't a part of my daily routine), doing what I can to steal an item in nearly every video game possible is oddly relaxing to me.

Take The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening as an example. Regardless of the consequences, trying to save a few rupees by nabbing an item from the shopkeeper is the start of a behavior pattern I've recently begun noticing. I recall the first time I tried catching a trainer's Pokemon, or would meticulously check every crevice of an NPC's house in every Pokemon game in the series (when characters weren't home, I'd consider my actions as an additional crime, breaking and entering).

You could argue that such actions aren't entirely unethical. Sure, hacking any mmo like WoW to steal in-game currency, especially when that translates to real-world dollars, is a definite no-no. But in a case like Link's Awakening, when a game developer instills consequences for virtual petty theft, couldn't you consider the inclusion of theft an admission that stealing property is just another solution to a problem? Perhaps that's what I tell myself when I'm checking dresser drawers for items in an RPG.

However, stealing a glance at last week's webcomics isn't just allowed, it's encouraged. After doing so, you can vote for your favorite comic after the break.

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