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Apple briefly releases Mountain Lion Up-to-Date program, pulls it back


For those folks who purchased Macs after June 11 (myself included), Apple said that OS X Mountain Lion would be available as a free download. Ahead of this week's expected launch, Apple briefly unveiled its Up-to-Date program, which gets those buyers ready for their Mountain Lion upgrade, then pulled it back minutes later.

As shown on MacRumors, the form showed the information needed to redeem a license, including the user's Mac serial number. Apple gives the user a reference number, then sends a redemption code to be used to download Mountain Lion. The code comes in two emails: a password-encrypted PDF with the code and the password itself.

Those who were quick enough to get the redemption code before Apple rolled back the site weren't able to use them in the Mac App Store to download Mountain Lion yet, MacRumors says.

Those eligible for the Up-to-Date program will have 30 days from the day that Mountain Lion is available to make the request.

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