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Flashy notifications from Flashr Kickstarter project


LED notifications -- the flashing reminders of incoming calls, waiting voicemail or text messages -- are often cited by Android users as an essential advantage over the iPhone. A dedicated LED on the front bezel of many Android devices lets you know when you have something to attend to without even picking up your phone. Soon iPhone owners may be able to share in this convenience if the FLASHr, a Kickstarter project from Phaze5, gets funded and made.

The FLASHr design shows an iPhone case with a light-up border that will flash when you get an incoming call, text message or other push notifications. And it's not just a little round circle -- two sides of the case and the back logo will glow. Based on the images provided on the Kickstarter page, the LED alert would be difficult to miss.

In case you're wondering, FLASHr takes advantage of the accessibility options in iOS, one of which lets hearing-impaired users turn on LED Flash alerts. When the LED flash of the camera lights up, a reflective component directs this light into the translucent glow frame part of the case. There are several different color combinations that'll let you customize the case color and glow frame part of the case.

Pledges start at $30 for the Early Bird special which will get you one FLASHr case with your choice of case and glow frame color. You can watch a demo of the case in the video below.

Post updated to clarify that the FLASHr uses passive reflection of the iPhone flash and does not have its own LEDs.

[via TechCrunch]

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