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Habu tracks playlists to match your mood


Genius playlists are great for picking out music you like, but if you want a set of songs to match your mood, you should take a closer look at Habu. Habu is an iOS app that creates playlists based upon the mood conveyed in a song. Habu is powered by Gracenote, a music database company that licenses music and video metadata information.

The app scans your music library and groups songs into moods and emotions like cool, rowdy and brooding. Not only does the app create mood-based lists, it also gives you some insight into your personality. You can see whether your library is dominated by energetic or sensitive songs. You can even share your mood map with friends via Facebook. Similar to other music tools, Habu lets you discover new music based on the mood of your library.

According to TechCrunch, the developers behind Habu have a lot more planned for the app. Among other features, they hope to make the app more aware of your surroundings by tapping into other data on your phone. This would let the app serve up soothing music while you walk to a lecture and energetic music while you drive to the gym.

You can download Habu from the iOS App Store for 99 cents.

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