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Law firm that helped Proview to $60m iPad China settlement hasn't been paid


In a strangely humorous case of "what goes around comes around", the law firm that helped Chinese manufacturer Proview win a US$60 million settlement against Apple for use of the trademark "iPad" in China is now suing Proview to get back at least $2.4 million in legal fees that have been left unpaid.

The Grandall Law Firm was looking forward to a payday equivalent to 4 percent of Apple's settlement. Proview founder Yang Rongshan has apparently said that the law firm's actions are "nonsense," and that the company isn't obligated to pay the firm right now since it isn't operating under normal conditions.

Yang has promised that the company won't "pass the buck." Best of luck to the Grandall Law Firm on recovering the fees.

[via Engadget]

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