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THQ hires Relic co-founder, former EA COO as new Exec. VP of Production


THQ announced this morning that Ron Moravek will return to the homeworld as "Executive Vice President, Production" at the company and will report directly to new president Jason Rubin.

"Ron is an exceptional development executive with unique perspective on the industry from both a creative and business point of view," Rubin said in the company's announcement. "His entrepreneurial experience as well as his ability to drive dynamic teams is a great fit for our strategic objectives. Additionally, Ron's experience building high-quality products will help us continue to deliver great games and build upon our foundation to innovate digitally in the future."

Moravek was previously the co-founder and chief operating officer at Relic
Entertainment, before selling the studio to THQ in 2004. He also had a one-year stint as COO of Electronic Arts in Canada.

THQ is currently in-process of its latest reimagining, consolidating where possible and trying to keep the ship afloat.

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