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Apple to present at Black Hat conference


This Thursday, Apple is poised to do something its never done before --- give a formal presentation at the Black Hat security conference. According to Bloomberg, Dallas De Atley of Apple's platform security team will give a presentation on iOS security to the hackers in attendance.

This isn't the first scheduled showing by an Apple representative. A panel presentation by Apple employees was slated for Black Hat 2008, but the event was abruptly canceled when the marketing department found out about it. This bit of trivia comes from Black Hat general manager Trey Ford who discussed the matter with Bloomberg.

Black Hat 2012 is significant as the security conference is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Five of the speakers from the first Black Hat event are returning and will present their vision of security for the next 15 years. You can follow the events via Black Hat's twitter account or its Facebook account. Images will be posted on its Flickr account as well.

[Via Bloomberg]

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