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It's-a me, Master Chief: Halo 4 lead talks shop at Italy's View conference this October


Italy's View Conference – taking place in Turin from October 16 to 19 – is a show focused on video games, interactive media and film. Halo franchise creative director Josh Holmes will give a special presentation on Halo 4 during the show: Halo Reborn: Building a Studio, Crafting a Universe. As one might imagine, the presentation will focus on the hurdles of employing a new studio to create a new entry in the popular Microsoft franchise.

Holmes will discuss the challenges of "creating a game with a storyline that encompasses over 100,000 years of fictional history and connects through and across multiple mediums including print, a live-action digital series, an ambitious story-driven campaign and innovative episodic content that will continue beyond the launch of the game." Holmes will also address how Microsoft went about creating its first internal studio from scratch, and the talent that helped make Halo 4 a reality. Finally, it's not listed in the presentation description, but we expect Holmes will talk about what Master Chief's been eating all this time that's made him put on all that weight.

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