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Argon Queen update bringing new raids, dungeons, and more to TERA

TERA's about to receive its biggest update yet. The Argon Queen update will be free of charge and is due to hit next month.

The update will bring changes to some classes to increase their battlefield versatility, emphasizing TERA's focus on action-packed combat. Warriors will be able to tank more effectively, while Lancers will find their agility is boosted. A new battleground is being added; players from different servers will be able to duke it out in teams of 15. For those who'd prefer to beat up on monsters rather than their fellow players, new dungeons -- including a fierce confrontation with the Argon queen herself -- will be included in the update. Additionally, the Nexus Traverse will feature a 10-person raid filled with "some of the biggest and baddest BAMs the world of TERA has ever seen."

More information will be made available as the update's launch date draws nearer.

[Source: En Masse Entertainment press release]

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