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AT&T lights up LTE network in a few more markets, expands coverage in others


It'll likely be a really, really good while before AT&T catches Verizon in the race towards becoming the largest LTE network in the States. Still, you can't blame the Rethink Possible outfit for doing what it's supposed to -- even if it only means rolling out the "true 4G" in small chunks. As of today, though, AT&T's flipping the switch on its Long Term Evolution waves in places like Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and the Worcester, MA area. Meanwhile, the company also announced it's improving LTE coverage in other vicinities around Massachusetts, Greater Baltimore as well as the Washington, D.C. region. Of note, this means AT&T's speedier service is now live in more than 50 markets, a rather small figure when compared to Big Red's 300-plus.

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