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ECOmove pegs QBEAK EV for 2012 launch, keeps specifics vague


We may be comfortable in our four-door electric hatchbacks and screaming fast no-emission roadsters, but Danish automotive outfit ECOmove has more conservative aspirations: the QBEAK. This dainty driver eschews standard vehicle design to create a compact, customizable package. "We have chosen to use alternative light weight materials, "explains ECOmove CEO Mogens Løkke. "The QBEAK is equipped with a range of sustainable, competitive features such as in-wheel motors, an unique chassis platform with room for a flexible battery modules and a communication system based on a smartphone." Details on smartphone compatibility, price and specific availability are still scarce, but the firm says we can expect to see the tiny EV puttering down the boulevard later this year. Can't wait? Head on past the break for a quirky preview video.

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