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Lonesome George immortalized in Mists of Pandaria


Syiler from Ace Games has sent us a video of Blizzard's tribute to the last of the Pinta Island giant tortoises. Lonesome George died last month, and as a result, his subspecies is extinct. He was always an icon of the nature conservation movement, but now he's become somewhat of a martyr to rally behind.

Blizzard's version of Lonesome George, Lon'li Guju, is spectral and has wings. He flies around Kun'lai summit and will follow you around if you /kiss or /hug him, as Syiler shows in the video.

Given that the tortoise only died a month ago, Blizzard has worked quickly to incorporate him into the game. This just shows that there is time for more surprises for us before Sept. 25.

[Thanks Syiler!]

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