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Mac App Store easter egg: subtle but fun


Are you familiar with easter eggs? Not the type that you dye in pastel colors and hide in the back yard, only to find them a year later in a disgusting mess; no, these are fun little software "signatures" that developers put into apps. Well, although many Apple devices used to contain easter eggs, Steve Jobs put the kibosh on them after he returned to Apple. Now Jesus Diaz at Gizmodo has found an easter egg built into the Mac App Store in OS X Mountain Lion -- could this be a sign of more easter eggs hiding in the new operating system?

It's a really subtle easter egg. If you download an app from the Mac App Store and go into your applications folder during the download, you'll notice that the timestamp on the downloading application is set for January 24, 1984. For those of you who are new to the Apple world, that's the day the first Macintosh was unveiled to the world by none other than Steve Jobs.

If any other easter eggs show up in OS X Mountain Lion, let us know. And while you're at it, be sure to watch the late Apple CEO performing his amazing magic at the Mac introduction.

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