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Mists of Pandaria: Druid Symbiosis updated (includes tables)


The latest beta build includes the most recent changes to the druid Symbiosis spell. Symbiosis, as you may know, is essentially a spell swap between a druid and any other class. It's not done automatically, so if the druid is in a class-run raid group -- a group where there are no duplicate classes -- the druid can choose to give it to any raid team member.

In return for this generosity, the druid receives a spell back from the target, which appears on the druid's bars and is currently usable with all the usual restrictions of that spell, such as cooldown, range and similar.

The spell distribution follows after the break -- first, the spells that other classes receive from their druid friends.

Class Spec Druid gives
Death Knight Blood Might of Ursoc
Frost/Unholy Wild Mushroom Plague
Hunter All Dash
Mage All Healing Touch
Monk Brewmaster Survival Instincts
Mistweaver Entangling Roots
Windwalker Bear Hug
Paladin Holy Rebirth
Protection Barkskin
Retribution Wrath
Priest Discipline/Holy Cyclone
Shadow Tranquility
Rogue All Growl
Shaman Enhance/Elemental Solar Beam
Restoration Prowl
Warlock All Rejuvenation
Warrior Arms/Fury Stampeding Shout
Protection Savage Defense

And secondly, the spells the druid gets in return for their generosity:

Class Balance Druid Feral Druid Guardian Druid Restoration Druid
Death Knight Anti-magic Shell Death Coil Bone Shield Icebound Fortitude
Hunter Misdirection Play Dead Ice Trap Deterrence
Mage Mirror Image Frost Nova Frost Armor Ice Block
Monk Grapple Weapon Clash Elusive Brew Fortifying Brew
Paladin Hammer of Justice Divine Shield Consecration Cleanse
Priest Mass Dispel Dispersion Fear Ward Leap of Faith
Rogue Cloak of Shadows Redirect Feint Evasion
Shaman Purge Feral Spirit Lightning Shield Spiritwalker's Grace
Warlock Unending Resolve Soul Swap Life Tap Demonic Circle: Teleport
Warrior Intervene Shattering Blow Spell Reflection Intimidating Roar

I can't help thinking two things. First, it occurs to me that druids seem to be taking more than they're giving in this exchange. Spiritwalker's Grace for restoration druids in return for Prowl for restoration shaman? I am decidedly undecided about the parity of this exchange!

My second thought is that I can't help concluding that this will have some kind of nerf before Mists goes live -- either that or further alteration, because I really can't see it being balanced in its current iteration. Maybe longer cooldowns will be applied to symbiosis abilities or maybe some other change, but of course I'm not sure. It's really hard to tell how this will be in action without further testing, but with my battered old PvP hat on, it seems a bit crazy at the moment!

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