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Nick Arcade was a technical marvel


If you're reading this website and grew up in the early 90s, there's a good chance you remember Nickelodeon's video-game-infused game show, Nick Arcade. What you might not know is that the final segment of the show, in which contestants went "inside" of an actual video game, was incredibly advanced for its time.

Splitsider put together a lengthy history of the program earlier this year and, while we missed it at the time, it's still fascinating reading. For instance, when it was produced, Nick Arcade utilized the "largest blue screen set-up in existence," which occupied roughly half of the show's 10,000 square foot sound stage. Throw in some software with magical "edge-detection" technology that could essentially turn a human being into a game sprite, and Nick Arcade was born.

For a (very exhaustive) look at the campy – and, it turns out, very innovative – show, head over to Splitsider.

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