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Orcs Must Die for $2.50 on Steam this weekend, 10 percent off Orcs 2 pre-order

Jordan Mallory

If your hatred of (and resulting need to kill) orcs has historically been outweighed by your commendably responsible fiscal nature in these trying economic times, you may not yet have acquired Robot Entertainment's Orcs Must Die!. You hate orcs, sure, but those $10 could be spent on something practical, like gas.

This weekend though, Orcs Must Die! is only $2.50 over on Steam, and when a video game costs less than a gallon of fuel, all financial guilt associated with its purchase is essentially eradicated. Similarly, Orcs Must Die 2 has had 10 percent brutally chopped off its pre-order price -- think of it as an investment in a sustainable future-hatred of orcs. Investing is what grown-ups do.

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