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Seton Hall Uni to distract students with Windows 8 tablet handouts (video)

Sharif Sakr

Just when you thought you knew exactly where you wanted to party and occasionally study electrical engineering, Seton Hall in New Jersey comes along to offer you something better. That's right people, 'free' gadgets: in addition to those Lumia 900 phones it's already promised, the university has also announced a splurge on Samsung Series 7 Slates for all science and honors degree juniors once Windows 8 arrives in the Fall, while those studying other disciplines will have to make do with a Series 5 Ultrabook. The scheme might sound like bribery or a soma to ward off campus activism, but it's actually part of Seton Hall's 15-year-old SHUmobile program, designed to ensure that "everyone has access to the advanced technology they need to succeed" -- and according to the video after the break, that technology just has to be Microsoft Office.

[Thanks, Vincent]

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