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APB: Reloaded drops a major patch with major promotions

Eliot Lefebvre

It's patch day for APB: Reloaded with one of the larger patches in the game's lifespan. Patch 1.9.0 has gone live and brought along brand-new Activities. Activities are special side missions that players can complete during Fight Club; they take the form of minor challenges in three tiers of difficulty and provide an optional goal for players looking for bigger rewards. The patch also brings a new store with new outfits and weapons, and of course there are several bug fixes and balance changes.

But if you're not lured in by the promise of a new patch, the staff at GamersFirst has put together several promotions to encourage players to jump into the game once again. Until the end of the month, 20% of funds spent in the game's store will be refunded to the players (with the refund taking place after the promotion ends). Players will also be given a free code for Joker tickets to start outfitting their characters, also good until the end of the month. If you're happily shooting away or you've taken a break, now would be the time to jump into the game and give it a shot.

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