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Apple, Samsung bickering over where to sit in court


The bickering between Samsung and Apple just won't stop. The latest report from AllThingsD suggests Samsung is even arguing over where it will sit and what the two companies will be called during the trial. Striving to get every advantage it can, Samsung is asking the court to call both companies claimants instead of plaintiff and defendant, since the trial involves patent infringement allegations from both sides. Samsung also asks that it be allowed to sit in the plantiff's table when it is arguing its case.

"Equal treatment of the parties with respect to where they sit while presenting their affirmative case will mitigate any prejudice to Samsung that may result from Apple being in closer proximity to the jury throughout the trial," Samsung said in its brief. Jury selection in the trial is slated to begin July 30 so expect to hear a lot more about this legal battle in the upcoming weeks.

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