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EA's Battlefield 3 ad campaign on Facebook shows 440 percent return on investment

Jordan Mallory

A major part of Facebook's business, in addition to keeping an accurate and exceedingly detailed log of the horrible web of lies you spin during your daily social activities, is as an advertising platform. As it turns out, advertising on Facebook can be pretty helpful, at least if the product you're shilling is something globally recognized like Battlefield 3.

"Electronic Arts recently spent $2.75 million promoting Battlefield 3 on Facebook," said Facebook COO Sheryl K. Sandberg during the company's first investor call since going public. "They attributed $12.1 million of their sales to these ads, translating to a 4.4x return on their Facebook marketing spend." Sandberg didn't elaborate on how EA extrapolated that figure.

An independent study performed on 60 different Facebook advertising campaigns showed that 70 percent of campaigns analyzed saw a 300 percent return on investment at minimum, according to Sandberg, while 49 percent of campaigns enjoyed 500 percent returns. It's difficult to determine how well that figure scales up, considering its small sample size, but we're sure that the simple act of typing "500 percent returns" has caused several dozen advertising executives to salivate uncontrollably.

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