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Techland files trademark for 'Dead Stop'

Jordan Mallory

Techland, the developer responsible for bringing Dead Island into the world, has filed to register a trademark for something called "Dead Stop," which we're almost nearly entirely positive has something to do with video games and dead stuff.

The application itself registers the trademark under a lot of the same goods and services classifications as the Dead Island trademark, with one important difference. While the Dead Island trademark covers use for video games and a myriad of merchandising options, "Dead Stop" is also listed under the code "IC 041. US 100 101 107," which specifically applies to online applications on mobile phones and portables, as well as websites "featuring entertainment information in the fields of electronic game programs, electronic game products, and electronic game programs and products."

Until there's an official announcement of some kind, what "Dead Stop" actually is remains to be seen. Who knows, maybe it's a zombie telegraph simulator? "WE PROMISE WE ARE NOT DEAD, STOP. PLEASE RESPOND ASAP WITH BRAIN WEIGHTS AND MEASUREMENTS, STOP."

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