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Clever iPhone, iPad DIY projects


Wired has a great little roundup of eight do-it-yourself projects for iPhone and iPad owners today, so if you need some inspiration for your next project, be sure to give it a look.

The first idea on Wired's list isn't anything new -- in fact, our own intrepid blogger and developer Erica Sadun showed us her similar use of an inexpensive wire "study stand" to hold an iPad (see photo above) way back in April 2010. Erica's might be a bit more pricey at US$6.99 than the metal bookend and rubber foot mashup from Instructables, but it also looks better.

Next, there's an iPhone amp made out of a bike horn that's pretty cool, and someone demonstrates how to make paper pockets that can be stuck onto the back of an iMac to keep a USB cable under control.

My personal favorite from the Wired post has to be the use of a wide rubber band as a cheap and replaceable iPhone bumper. It actually looks pretty good, too!

Once you're done looking at the Wired post, I highly recommend taking a look at Erica's posts over the past few years that point out some cheap alternatives to expensive accessories. Here are two more for your reading enjoyment:

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