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LotRO's Captains get buffed in Riders of Rohan


Turbine's Riders of Rohan dev diary parade continues, as today the studio previewed some of the changes coming for Lord of the Rings Online's Captains this fall. The hybrid class will see several upgraded versions of existing skills on the path to level 85 as well as a new out-of-combat rez at level 40.

New skills that the Captain will be receiving include Improved Valiant Strike, which now comes with a Fellowship-wide HoT; Improved War-cry, which adds a damage bonus on top of a faster attack speed; and Inspiring Blade of Elendil, which will hit harder, help with power regeneration more, and allow Captains to buff other skills when used in a chain.

System Designer Erika Ng said that the team is also working to make skills and legacies useful to all trait-lines for the class. One of the new legacies that added with Riders of Rohan will increase the duration of battle states and defeat responses so that Captains have a longer period of time to fire off reaction skills.

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