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The Secret World's first update is now live, includes marketplace and bonus rewards

MJ Guthrie

Delivering on Funcom's promise of monthly updates, The Secret World's first update Unleashed is now live on servers. Players can now log in to check out the various additions and fixes to the fantasy horror MMORPG.

This update introduces seven new missions, a Nightmare Mode to two dungeons, and a cross-dimensional marketplace so players can buy, sell, and even ship goods to other players. The marketplace can be utilized via the bank NPCs in London. Among other fixes, it is also noted that the /say and /shout commands are now working properly.

As an added bonus, players who complete all of the new missions will earn an achievement and receive unique clothing rewards. You can read up on all the details in the Issue #1 patch notes, while specific mission details can be found here.

[Source: Funcom press release]

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