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Twitter responds to suspended reporter controversy, explains Trust & Safety policies


Well, you might not have heard about it from us, but by now you're likely familiar with the tale of British journalist Guy Adams and the controversy surrounding his suspended Twitter account. The Independent correspondent posted a number critical missives regarding NBC's Olympic coverage, one including the corporate email address of an executive at the network. Shortly there after his page went down. Adams has since had his account reinstated, but Twitter felt it necessary to clear the air about the circumstances regarding the temporary blockage. When the company's Trust & Safety receives a complaint that personal information is being distributed, its policy is to temporarily suspend the offending account. NBC Olympics president Gary Zenkel filed such a complaint, and the social network now admits it was at the behest of members of its team working closely with NBC on its Olympic coverage. That, it acknowledges, was a mistake. Twitter says it does not actively monitor anyone's account and that the Trust & Safety team was unaware that Zenkel acted on the suggestion from the company's employees. Adams has since had his account reinstated and in a blog post Twitter has stated that it "should not and cannot be in the business of proactively monitoring and flagging content, no matter who the user is."

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