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City of Heroes previews new powersets and other Issue 24 changes

Eliot Lefebvre

Getting new powers in City of Heroes is always a reason to be excited, especially when they fill out a gap you hadn't even realized existed beforehand. The most recent livestream from the staff at Paragon Studios has unveiled two sets that do precisely that. Martial Combat (a secondary for Blasters) and Martial Assault (a secondary for Dominators) allow you to mix in some melee attacks to an otherwise ranged character, a requested addition following the introduction of more "mundane" sets such as Dual Pistols.

Both sets feature a fair number of melee powers as well as the support and utility powers that players expect for the archetypes in question, including a few ranged attacks for Martial Assault and some familiar self-buffs for Martial Combat. (And Caltrops is in there, in case you were worried.) As the header image shows, this is only the tip of the iceberg for Issue 24's changes (since that image has Marauder in Ms. Liberty's usual haunt)... but it's certainly worth watching the full demonstration after the break.

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