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FreedomPop to sell 4G case for iPod touch


Start-up MVNO FreedomPop is back again with another wireless sleeve that'll add many of the features of the iPhone to your iPod touch. The $99 accessory slides onto your third- or fourth-generation iPod touch and lets you access the internet using Clearwire's 4G WiMAX network.

FreedomPop provides 500 MB of data for free each month, and customers can earn an additional 10 MB for each friend on the FreedomPop network. Customers can also purchase higher allotments that start at $10 for 1GB.

iPod touch owners can pre-order the sleeve from FreedomPop's website, and the device is expected to ship later this year. Earlier this year, the company started accepting pre-orders for an iPhone version of the sleeve that will ship later this summer.

[hat tip AllThingsD]

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