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iOS developer Readdle celebrates its 5th anniversary

A few weeks after the debut of the original iPhone in 2007, Readdle's first product, a web service for reading documents, launched. Two of the four co-founders had previous experience in development and programming for other platforms, including mobile and web. In 2008, after the App Store opened, ReaddleDocs was Readdle's first official App Store offering.

Readdle is celebrating its fifth anniversary today, and marketing manager Denys Zhadanov said it's much harder to for apps to break through now because of competition, big names, marketing and other factors. "Despite all that, [the] iOS platform is so huge and innovative that you can always come up with something fresh and unique."

Readdle's enthusiasm for its products is still going strong. I was impressed by Readdle's booth at Macworld | iWorld 2012, where it was previewing Remarks, the company's latest app for notetaking and PDF annotation. Readdle now spans two offices in Europe and the U.S., and its staff has grown to more than 30 people. There's more than 5.5 million users of Readdle's apps now, and Zhadanov said there's several big products planned.

To celebrate Readdle's anniversary, the company is placing all of its apps on sale for the next two days. The discounts are up to 70% off the apps' original price, so if you've been waiting to purchase a Readdle product, now is a good time to do so.

The apps covered by the discount include the following:

Happy anniversary to Readdle; we look forward to seeing what the firm has in store in the future.

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