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Added configuration options for MacBook Pro with Retina display let you max out the base model


$2,199 for the basic MacBook Pro with Retina display is certainly a lot to pay for any laptop, but those looking to add a few more features without going all the way up to the next model so far haven't had a lot of options. That now looks like it's changing, though, with configuration choices for processor and storage now showing up on Apple's online store in addition to the existing one to double the memory -- letting you, for instance, bump up the processor without also jumping to a larger SSD (or vice versa, although adding the larger SSD puts things just $100 shy of the higher end model that also comes with a faster processor). Those options aren't quite a sure thing just yet, though, as they've appeared and disappeared from the site a few times this morning. We'll keep you posted if they stick.

Update: It appears things have finally settled down, and the added options have stuck for good.

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