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New Digg iPhone app available


Just when you thought that Digg had faded into the obscure fog of irrelevancy, the company comes out with a new Digg app for iPhone (free). The app is getting a lot of buzz, perhaps just because many users have moved on to other ways of getting their top news.

The new app features a "clean mobile-friendly view" that has been described by some reviewers as not providing a whole heck of a lot of content to look at. Sharing with friends via Facebook, Twitter and email is built in, as you'd expect from a modern iPhone app.

If you want to read stories offline, the new Digg provides full support for saving stories. The app has support for Instapaper and Pocket and has geofencing capabilities built in; you can set your home location, and a "Paperboy" function automatically updates the app with the latest stories when you leave that location.

The app comes after a reboot of the 8-year-old news site, which has re-titled itself as Digg v1.

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