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Obsidian vets using Kickstarter for 'Steam Bandits: Outpost'


A group of former Obsidian staffers under the new banner of Iocaine Studios have put together a Kickstarter to determine the size and scope of their current project: Steam Bandits: Outpost. The steampunk town builder will be free-to-play, but is avoiding the Zynga 'Ville style of games. Instead the team will use a "pay-to-style" model, meaning the full game is available to play, with only cosmetic upgrades ever requiring real money (think League of Legends, Team Fortress 2).

"My inspiration [for Steam Bandits: Outpost] is the original SimCity. It's upsetting that there isn't a casual game where you can build a town online and come back later and check out how it's doing," said Jason Fader, creative director of Iocaine. "We want our players to play with their friends, not spam them with requests for energy so they can make one more move."

"$30,000 is the bare minimum we need to pay the people we need to pay right now. Some of the folks who are on unemployment can't cover their expenses," Fader told us, noting the team currently includes 17 full- and part-time developers. If they hit the $30K goal, he expects the game to be finished by October.

If it all goes exceptionally well and they hit the $90,000 milestone, they'll be able to add more lands, character customization options and whole array of ships for November.

Fader wants Steam Bandits: Outpost to be a cooperative simulation: "It's a game that will play to my team's strengths that we feel will be a really fun game."

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