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Quirky helmet concept gives new meaning to headlight


As a general rule, it's usually never a good look to strap things to your noggin. That said, we're willing to let this particular Quirky-made concept slide for two reasons: it could very well save your motorcycle-loving life and it won't muck up your head gear. The in-development helmet light, which goes by the plain though apt Signal moniker, makes use of an elastic fiber-optic fabric known as Lumigram, thus avoiding the need for messy adhesives and, more importantly, keeping your biker fashion in check. So, how exactly does it help steer you out of harm's way? Well, by communicating wirelessly via RFID, the attachment doubles up on signaling safety, mimicking your ride's real-time responses for brake lights and turn signals. According to its creators, this hide-saving accessory could be "the coolest thing to happen to motorcycles since Easy Rider." We're not sure we (nor Jack Nicholson, for that matter) agree with that, but it should keep your body and bike free from the crush of neighboring wheels.

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