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Twelve South BackPack gets a nice update for its third birthday


When Apple accessory design shop Twelve South first got into business three years ago, its fate rode on the success of one product -- the BackPack. This product consists of a shelf with tool-free clips that can be used on the "arm" of any iMac or Apple Thunderbolt (or Cinema) Display, and it's been a hot seller since day one. Now Twelve South has given the three-year-old product a new look and new capabilities.

The new BackPack (US$34.99) now adds vertical support pegs, cable management rails, and the ability to use the BackPack as a front-facing shelf. The support pegs can be used to hold a MacBook Air vertically on the back of a ThunderBolt Display or provide additional support for a vertically-standing hard disk drive.

The built-in cable management rails keep cables handy -- unplug a drive, computer, or peripheral, and the cable stays put for you to plug back in later.

Twelve South BackPack gets a nice update

One of the biggest changes is the ability to use the BackPack as a forward-facing shelf. Up to this point, the shelves always faced away from the front of the device. Now you can use it as a place to store your iPhone, your wallet, a SecureID fob, or anything else that needs to be above the desk clutter. Of course, you can always use the shelves in their original back-facing position like I do -- I have two that are used to display small art works to people who are standing at my desk.

It's nice to see a good product get an update. You can purchase the new BackPack directly from the TwelveSouth website. For more information, read our review of the original product.

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